The MIWO has a guiding principle. The idea of building and living with cultural responsibility. As a family-run company, the community aspect is particularly important to us. This is reflected in our architecture and in our housing stock.

As a rental housing construction and management company, we have been dealing with people's homes and living spaces on a daily basis since 1952. Our cultural commitment has this too. Architecture creates spatial structures for human interaction. Art creates new spaces of perception. We combine both in our project series "kunstundwohnen" and "architekturundkunst".

The dialogue between art and architecture is the focus of the MIWO commitment. In many MIWO new building projects since the mid-1990s, the installation of art has been an integral part of the architectural design. We open up our existing portfolio of residential complexes and apartments to artistic interventions that reinterpret the given architectural structures and positively change the living environment of our tenants.

The aim of our commitment is to promote contemporary art and architecture while at the same time shaping the quality of life in the community. Focused on young positions in contemporary art, we also feel committed to the dynamic cultural scene in the Bonn/Cologne region out of conviction.

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Mietwohnungsbau und -verwaltung in der Region Köln/Bonn
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