Danger for all citizens


This concerns all tenants of MIWO

Imminent danger from invasive hornet species

A dangerous invasive hornet species, the "Asian hornet Vespa velutina", is currently spreading in Europe. It has already been sighted several times in the Bonn area and in the Rhein-Sieg district (and has been successfully removed professionally). The "Asian hornet Vespa velutina" prefers to build its nests in dense hedges, ground cover, ivy and treetops. This hornet species is very dangerous and attacks its "intruders" immediately if the nest is disturbed. A few stings can be life-threatening. You can find further important information on the Asian hornet Vespa velutina on the website: https://vespa-velutina.nrw

Please also inform your family members, relatives, friends and neighbors of the great danger. Above all, you should inform your children of the impending danger and not let them play unsupervised in bushes, gardens or parks. Before use, please carefully and attentively search the play area and your terraces / balconies for nests. We have also sensitized our gardeners and caretakers to this issue and to carefully monitor all MIWO sites, as they look after the green areas and especially the hedges and are therefore also directly at risk.

If you discover a nest on your balcony, terrace, on our premises, or in public green spaces, do not hesitate to contact the following specialist immediately (even on weekends for emergencies involving wasps and hornets) and seek advice:

Mr. Klaus Maresch, phone number: 0228 97638460; mobile: 015209795271. Mr. Maresch, also known to the “Lower Nature Conservation Authority of Bonn”, as well as to the “Lower Nature Conservation Authority of the Rhein-Sieg District”, has been working for many years in and around Bonn as a reliable consultant and resettler for the “buzzing guild”.

Please note that the removal of nests, e.g. of wasps, bees and also hornets, which are not aggressive and dangerous, may incur costs for you!

Stay alert!

Your MIWO team