Detlef Beer - picture with apartment 2006

art and living #1

In 2006 the project took place in the houses of the MIWO "Picture with apartment" of the painter Detlef Beer instead of. MIWO made eight apartments available to the artist for 14 days each over the course of the year. Detlef Beer decided to paint a picture in each apartment.

At the start of the project series, Dr. Gabriele Uelsberg, director of the Rheinisches Landesmuseum Bonn, into the artist's work. The project was accompanied by documentation by photographer Peter Oszvald and texts by art historian Dr. Barbara Hausmann accompanied.

Already on November 23, 2006 a large exhibition of Detlef Beer in the forum +in the Concertgebouw opened in Bruges. This exhibition specifically took on the project Picture with apartment in the MIWO houses.

The project was supported by the catalog "Detlef Beer – picture with apartment” documented.

On August 7th, 2008 an exhibition with drawings by Detlef Beer took place in the Villa Faupel.

Photographer: Peter Oszvald, Bonn