Jan van der Ploeg - Wall painting no. 412 2015

Lutfridstrasse 9, 53121 Bonn

art and living #10

Jan van der Ploeg is an exposed representative of the so-called "geometric abstraction". He is thus part of a tradition that ties in with the Dutch "De Stijl" movement and the associated work of Piet Mondrian and Theo van Doesburg.

In his large-format wall works, which refer directly to the architecture, varies van der Ploeg Colour, abstract shapes and lines with a lot of feeling and great variation. This richness of color and form can also be found in his autonomous painting. The Dutchman often declines a theme - such as "grips" and "waves" - in numerous variations. In addition to work for important museums Jan van der Ploeg realized grandiose art-in-architecture projects for the Dutch embassies in London and Paris.

For the "kunstundwohnen" project by MIWO, the artist included the expansive mural work in the stairwell at Lutfridstrasse No. 9 in 2015  "Wall Painting No. 412, Untitled" carried out and thus enriched the "Art Quarter Lutfridstraße" of the MIWO with a further attraction.

Jan van der Ploeg, born 1959 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, lives and works in Amsterdam.


Photographer: Christoph Jaschke | Photo archive MIWO